Bodytech is a Scandinavian education company, which has been working mainly with Kinesiology Taping in recent years. I am happy to say that we have moved on to other educations as well.  Just now most of our educations are “fascia-related” in some way, but that´s how the trend goes just now. At the same time we have the opportunity to host courses for very talented and inspiring lecturers.

My role in Bodytech is “head instructor”, which sounds nice, but in reality is more interesting than that. Here I (and a few talented colleagues) have the possibility to create courses with our ideology and hopefully give participants new “tools” and ideas for practical work.

Bodytech´s courses:

  • Kinesiology Taping (Basic + Modules)
  • Explore Fascia
  • MMT – Manuel Myofascial Technique

Hosted courses:

  • Anatomy Trains/ Fascial Release for Structural Balance
  • Art Riggs Workshops

and hopefully many more interesting names in the future…

More info can you find here: