Kinesiology Taping

People often wonder what are the “colorful tapes” we see often in sports events? Could I get some help with them?

Kinesiology Taping has spread from a tool in treating injuries of world-class athletes to a tool for physiotherapists in treating various ailments and problems. The use in world-class sports is merely the visible part while Kinesiology Taping is used more and more as part of treatment or therapy for various client and patient groups.

Kinesiology Taping is a light taping with the objective, for example, to optimize the body’s functions during recovery. Kinesiology Taping is used mostly to alleviate pain, normalize movement functions and affect extension of movement and the quality of movement in joints.

The working mechanisms between Kinesiology Taping and the classic sports taping (“white tape”) differ fundamentally as well as their uses differ. Neither taping method excludes the other, they rather complement each other.

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