• Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is about taking care of the individual just now and with all respect.

  • Structural Bodywork

    Structural Bodywork aims to treat the body in a holistic view: Unwind the strain patterns in your body’s locomotors system Freeing the fascial network Re-integrating the movement patterns Restoring the body to its natural balance, alignment, length, and ease Structural Bodywork is a ongoing process during the treatment, between the treatments and giving the individual […]

  • Personal Training

    The majority of people want to combine everyday life with training. All experience shows that the best results are in made with joy and with the a “flow” A personal trainer will support you in getting mixed the time and joy to train. You will receive instructions and guidance to achieve your goals, whether you […]

  • Kinesiology Taping

    People often wonder what are the “colorful tapes” we see often in sports events? Could I get some help with them? Kinesiology Taping has spread from a tool in treating injuries of world-class athletes to a tool for physiotherapists in treating various ailments and problems. The use in world-class sports is merely the visible part […]